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BLUE POWER has set up a POWERful team with unique know-how in order to develop the best and most innovative products for the market.

All owners originate from the automotive industry. They stand for corresponding quality standards AND for
the fact that BLUE POWER is recognized as a sustainable company on the market with selected quality partners.
Together with the employees, this BLUE POWER shareholder team ensures a consistent automotive direction of the company based on the ISO standard TS 16949 and the environmental standard ISO 14001.

More information about the key employees in the BLUE POWER POWER-team can be found here:


Herbert Gösweiner



Oskar Rupp, MBA

Product Management


Mohammad Al Najjar

Development, Department Electronics & Control


Robert Nesseler

Sales Europe


Juliana Payson



Our product- and technology team

… and many more who are in the background designing and producing our wind turbines on the highest technical level.


BLUE POWER Track Record.

The development of BLUE POWER since the establishment of the company in 2008


  • 2008: Start-up Launch of BLUE POWER (within a service providing company in the automotive sector)

  • 2009: Concepts & Ideas

  • 2011: Concepts become constructions, simulation of aerodynamics begin

  • 2012: First prototype of the 1 kW turbine made in polyester and one 10 kW application in steel is completed. 2012: The aerodynamics of the 10 kW machine is tested for plausibility in the wind tunnel, Arsenal.

  • End of 2012: Proof of concept is successfully approved

  • Beginning of 2013: First plans for establishment of the company, focusing on developing small wind power plants (forerunner of BLUE POWER)

  • 2013: Plans of a company start-up, Set-up of a professional implementation team .

  • 2013-2015: test phase for different prototypes

  • 2016: Successful capitalization of BLUE POWER GmbH by crowd funding, the goal is series development and market launch within 24 months! 140 investors are convinced about the BLUE POWER story! 2016: BLUE POWER was founded, successful crowd funding approx. 140 investors

  • 2016- Q3 / 2017: Product development leading to series production readiness, further financing partners are won.

  • Mid-2017: Presales- large order in China is announced with delivery after series production

  • End of 2017: Market launch

  • November 2017: BLUE POWER opens its own SPS / Electronics department and investigates the Arabian market for distribution partnerships

  • November 2017: First plant in Austria is put in operation

  • January 2018: Partner negotiations in Central America

  • February 2018: Expansion to Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland and Scandinavia are underway

  • March 2018: Inquiries from Kazakhstan, the Balkans and Italy

  • April 2018: Team BLUE POWER grows by 2 additional sales and marketing employees

  • May 2018: BLUE POWER at the Smart Cities Conference in New York City – Researching to enter the US market