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BlueOne – THE wind turbine.

With the BlueOne BLUEPOWER has developed a wind turbine that makes power generation possible for everyone.

Thanks to its innovative design and sophisticated technology, this small turbine manages to generate 1 kW of electricity without the need for large-area panels or without being dependent on the time of day or the season. The BlueOne turbine manages to cover up to 75% of a household’s electricity needs over the year, making no noise and having no negative impact on vegetation or wildlife. In addition, the turbine can be set up without permission

Whether you want to purchase the turbine yourself or you want to resell it to your customers, the best solution to turn wind into electricity is called BlueOne.

The BlueOne Turbine in action.

This is how it looks when the BlueOne turbine generates electricity from wind

Starting at 2.5 m/s, the BlueOne activates and starts the power generation. The turbine aligns itself in a radius of 360° to achieve the optimal alignment to the wind and to generate energy. All this is achieved by the turbine with extremely low noise and without generating vibrations or shadow impact and the so called ”disco effect”. If the wind gets too strong, the BlueOne has an integrated overload protection to protect the technology from damage

The advantages of the product.

  • Environmentally sustainable type of power generation

  • Automatically rotates 360° with the wind direction

  • Aerodynamically optimized shell increases wind speed in the rotor plane

  • Low level of noise

  • No vibrations

  • No shadow strike and no “disco effect”

  • No ice throw

  • No danger to birds

  • Gearless design

  • Efficiency-optimized power control

  • High quality with long service life

  • Warranty: 10 years for the shell

Technical specifications.

  • Rated power: 1,000 Watt

  • Switch-on speed: 2.5 m/s

  • Maximum output: 1,800 Watt (then overload protection)

  • Shell: High quality plastic for UV- and weather resistance

  • Outside diameter: 1.65 m

  • Length: 1.75 m

  • Weight: 175 kg

  • Power control: characteristic curves Efficiency optimization

  • Protected against overload in extremely strong wind

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