Frequently Asked Questions to BLUE POWER.

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Insider tip from the experts2019-02-12T00:15:30+00:00

The shell of BLUEONE is perfect for your advertisement – you connect advertising in the urban area and green power generation, all in one device.

Is an authorization/permit needed to install BLUEONE?2019-02-12T00:17:09+00:00

In Austria there is generally no problem. In most cases there is a duty of disclosure, but no permit is required. In Germany, there are similar requirements in most cases, with few exceptions in the urban areas. However we are intensively involved and will inform you as soon as there is clarity in this matter In other countries, small wind power is actively supported and thus subject to very few regulations.

Should I wait for the development and launch of the bigger turbines BLUETEN and BLUEFIVE?2019-02-12T00:18:07+00:00

Why wait? These two types of turbines are interesting in their size for the larger, commercial users. This is solely due to the expected dimension of the turbines and the associated work at the installation site. We have deliberately decided to offer the highly efficient BLUEONE turbine first, so that as many people as possible can make reasonable use of wind energy at home. There is also the possibility to install several BLUEONE products at places that require a higher electricity demand
We would be glad to explain to you in person why BLUEONE, with its size and design, has great advantages in daily operation, in the urban areas and where people want to live in peace.

What is the return and the amortization of the system?2019-02-12T00:19:45+00:00

Basically, the prevailing wind speed at the respective location is crucial for the return and thus the amortization (and also the price of electricity, which now can be saved due to self-production) BLUEONE combines the advantages of a vertical and horizontal rotor in one system (BLUEONE automatically turns 360° with the wind and thus gathers from all directions). From the evaluation in the certified wind farm, we know that the special design results in up to 30% more efficiency in terms of the rotor area than other systems. This also has a positive effect on the rapid amortization of the system.

With every turn of the BLUEONE rotors, you take a step towards your very own energy independence!

Where do you have installation sites in operation today and what power do they provide?2019-02-12T00:22:52+00:00

Mainly in Austria and Hungary there are BLUEONE wind turbines. BLUEONE has also been in test operation at the wind park Lichtenegg Meanwhile, the first orders from China have arrived. At BLUE POWER we are decided to provide our European home markets with our innovative offers with priority.

During testing BLUEONE has already generated more than 2.2 kW of power with corresponding winds. However, this overload situation is excluded in the standard product to protect the durability and is limited to 1.8 kW. Depending on the wind location, up to 3,500 kWh of annual power is possible

Expert tip: Compare wind turbine performance at the same wind speeds. Rated powers are often given at different speeds. Significant is the output in relation to the swept area of the rotors and whether the system is able to harvest electricity for you even in light wind conditions.

Why do small wind turbines from BLUE POWER make sense at all?2019-02-12T00:24:45+00:00

Because our BLUEONE is fundamentally different from other models in terms of quality and thus durability and efficiency. BLUEONE has been developed under automotive industry standards and the overall product is CE certified. All components and materials meet the highest standards. Thus, the investment pays off even in bad wind conditions over the longer run. If something should not function, individual components can easily be renewed without having to replace the entire turbine. Our specialist dealers and the BLUE POWER team itself will gladly explain to you further interesting facts about the BLUEONE.